When you feel like you’ve exhausted all your resources and your skin just isn’t clearing up, try one of these natural solutions that have been shown to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and banish acne.

1. Sulfur: Used for centuries as a topical skin remedy, this popular acne treatment can be found in a number of gels and creams. Sulfur fights acne by speeding up the skin’s natural healing process and minimizing bacteria. Because sulfur has a slightly unpleasant odor, we recommend using sulfur acne treatments at bedtime so you don’t have to worry about the scent sticking around throughout the day.

2. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil comes from the Australian tea tree and is one of the most powerful natural antibacterial essential oils on the market today. Used to reduce fungal infections, warts and fever blisters, tea tree oil has also been shown to diminish and prevent acne when diluted with grapeseed or Jojoba oils. Scientific studies also show that tea tree oil may be as effective as benzoyl peroxide when it comes to treating breakouts, without the harmful chemicals.

3. Probiotics: Used to improve digestion and realign healthy gut bacteria, probiotics are great, especially for those with an imperfect diet. But did you know that probiotics have also been shown to clear breakouts and improve the complexion too? Probiotics may speed up healing and help flush out harmful bacteria in the gut that may contribute to acne, and probiotics have also been shown to reduce scarring and breakouts over time.

4. Mask & Clays Healing: Clays have been used for centuries to draw out toxins and poisons, decrease pore size and brighten complexion. Clays and masks made from bentonite clay, a mineral-rich volcanic clay, have been shown to improve skin tone, cleanse and remove dirt and impurities from the skin. We recommend using a healing clay mask once weekly, or as directed by your dermatologist.

5. Zinc: Frequently ingested in pill or tablet form, some studies have shown that people with chronic acne have lowered levels of zinc, an essential mineral that is used to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Taking a zinc tablet regularly may help reduce breakouts and heal scarring associated with acne. From zinc tablets and probiotics to topical solutions, acne doesn’t have to ruin your life.

These natural solutions have the power to help you regain your confidence and show the world a more beautiful you.