Initially developed in the middle of the 20th century for competitive bodybuilders and athletes, protein powders combine significant amounts of vitamins, amino acids and protein to give users a huge nutritional punch. Essential for athletes, today’s protein powders offer something for everybody and come in both plant and animal based formulations. We recommend protein powders to those with nutrient deficiencies, active lifestyles and people in search of a convenient weight management tool. Whatever the need, there’s a powder supplement out there for everyone.

Plant-Based Powders

Great for vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters, plant-based protein powders are formulated from a variety of sources including pea, hemp, brown rice and soy. Though they come from small seeds, these powerful plant sources offer large quantities of nutrients, and are in many cases, just as effective as animal-based protein powders. Plant based protein powders are especially beneficial to those with sensitivities to dairy products. We recommend reading labels thoroughly to ensure that the protein powders you purchase are indeed allergen-free.

Animal-Based Powders

For those with soy or pea sensitivities, whey, casein and egg powders are animal based and contain some of the most effective nutrients on the market today. Whey has been shown to repair muscle tissue post-workout, and casein provides users with a slow release of amino acids, which makes it great for maintaining muscle mass. Casein, a protein frequently derived from cow’s milk, has also been shown to increase strength and has been a popular powder for those with bigger nutritional needs.

How Much Do I Need?

Recommended daily servings of protein vary depending on age and activity level, and the Institute of Medicine urges that 10-35% of your daily caloric intake come from protein. Keep in mind that serving recommendations may increase or decrease depending on activity level and overall health; check with your healthcare provider before making any drastic dietary changes.

Recommended Daily Protein Intake


  • 0-12 Months - 9.1-11grams

    • Children

      • 1-3 Years - 13grams
      • 4-8 Years - 19grams

        • Males

          • 9-13 Years - 34grams
          • 14-18 Years - 52grams
          • 19-70+ Years - 56grams

            • Females

              • 9-13 Years - 34grams
              • 14-70+ Years - 46grams

                • Pregnant & Lactating Females

                  • 71grams

                    • Protein powder supplements are an excellent way to achieve the recommended daily allowance of protein, and are especially important for athletes and those with nutrient deficiencies. In fact, they're a great alternative to other ways to build muscle, like legal steroids that work. Whether you choose a plant based powders or one derived from animal sources, protein powders offer essential vitamins and nutrients and make a great addition to any healthy diet and exercise program.

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