Top 4 Benefits of Using Mineral Powder Make Up

Like many natural products, mineral powder makeup was originally developed as an alternative to the heavy standard liquid foundations that permeated the market for decades. Around since the 1970s, mineral powder makeup has a large following and proponents of it claim that the natural ingredients and lack of fillers offer users clearer skin and a radiant glow. But how do mineral powders stack up against their liquid competitors? Are they really more effective than the standard liquid foundations that have been used for years?

Therapeutic Ingredients

Mineral powder makeup incorporates zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, two FDA approved ingredients that have been shown to protect skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Zinc oxide, an anti-inflammatory, is frequently recommended as a treatment for those suffering from acne, which validates the claims that mineral powders may help reduce and prevent breakouts, leaving skin healthy and smooth.

Reduce Your Chemical Exposure

Liquid foundations often contain fillers including fragrances and BHT, a controversial preservative that is thought to be carcinogenic. Added fragrance can trigger allergic reactions in some users, resulting in breakouts and redness. Mineral powder makeups lack these potentially harmful fillers, and utilize ingredients that are naturally based without additional fragrances or preservatives.


While many liquid foundations fail to stay in place during the warmer months, mineral powders tend to keep users looking fresh all season. Mineral powder makeups offer effective coverage that lasts through even the stickiest of summers, and unlike liquid foundation it won’t slide off your face when the temperature gauge rises.

Minimize Imperfections

Because mineral powder makeup contains light-refractive minerals, they leave the skin with a radiant glow. By reflecting light, these minerals minimize imperfections giving the skin a natural looking finish that lasts all day long.

Mineral powder makeup offers a long-lasting solution to foundation that many liquid formulas are unable to provide. Enhanced with healing and therapeutic ingredients, mineral powder makeup is an excellent solution for those in search of a full coverage foundation that minimizes imperfections while keeping skin healthy and glowing all year long.