Outdoor Care for Kids

Did you know that regular outdoor play has been shown to reduce childhood obesity, enhance communication skills, and increase student performance? Unfortunately, most children in American currently receive less than 30 minutes of unstructured outdoor play each day, an alarming statistic that increases each year. Obesity rates have doubled in the last 20 years, a fact that some directly correlate with limited outdoor activity. Encourage your little ones to get outside this summer and keep them protected from outdoor pests and overexposure to the sun with this quick guide to outdoor care for kids. Let’s go outside!

Chemical-Free Sunscreen

Daily exposure to sunshine strengthens bones, boosts the immune system, and has been shown to improve metabolism. Despite the numerous health benefits of sun exposure, it’s important to protect your children (and yourself!) from overexposure to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Wearing lightweight, long-sleeved clothing, a hat, and sunglasses have been shown to reduce overexposure, but chemical-free sunscreen is necessary too. Choose brands that are free of oxybenzone and octinoxate, two known endocrine disruptors that have been labeled hazardous by the Environmental Working Group. We also recommend applying sunscreen every 40 minutes, especially between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm, when the sun’s rays are at their most dangerous.

Calendula and Aloe Vera

While protecting your children from overexposure to the sun is always your best defense against painful and potentially dangerous sunburns, constantly monitoring your kids throughout the day is often difficult. From recess to play dates with friends, we can’t always be there to remind them to cover up. Sunburn relief in the form of natural solutions like aloe vera gel or calendula ointment has been shown to reduce redness, itching, and minimal blistering associated with overexposure. If your child has suffered from severe sunburn and is experiencing headache, nausea, or fever, immediately contact your pediatrician.

Organic Bug Repellant

Digging in the dirt and playing with bugs outside is part of an active, healthy childhood, but pests like mosquitos and ticks are a different story. From itchy bites to potentially harmful diseases and bacteria, some backyard insects are better left alone. Keep your children covered when they’re outside, and avoid sandals and shorts when wandering through tall, grassy areas. Do regular tick checks when your kids are outside, and use organic bug sprays to protect your children from nasty insect bites. We also recommend choosing organic brands that are free of chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and DEET.

Encourage your kids to play outside, and rest assured knowing that chemical-free prevention measures can ensure their safety and protection. Enjoy the natural world every day with organic insect repellant, soothing botanicals, and chemical-free sunscreen.