Vitamin C is a miracle supplement for promoting cell growth, healing tissues, and boosting the immune system to keep the body fighting off illnesses. There are several reasons for taking vitamin C supplements, with new uses coming about on a frequent basis.

Among these new benefits: your smile. It’s been revealed that there is a strong connection between vitamin C and healthy gums. Here are three benefits for your teeth that you can experience from your vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C Strengthens Your Gums

Vitamin C is vital to produce collagen. Whereas most animals can convert glucose into vitamin C, especially when under the stress of infections and toxins, humans cannot do so on their own. By taking vitamin C supplements, you can help the body generate the connective tissue that helps keep the gums and periodontal ligaments intact. Vitamin C also helps gums keep bacteria away from the roots of the teeth where they can cause lesions and a weakened lining.

Vitamin C Prevents Loose Teeth

Studies have shown a correlation between vitamin C deficiency and loose teeth. With healthier gums, the blood can flow through the gum with a greater concentration of vitamin C. Vitamin C also helps with the development of calcium, as well as collagen synthesis. Vitamin C supplements can address that need, especially if someone is lactose intolerant and unable to eat dairy, or other foods that promotes calcium.

Sustained Benefits of Vitamin C From Supplements

Vitamin C is water-soluble. Because of this, the body is incapable of storing it long term. However, you’re going to need to find a way to have it consistently in your system. Supplements help with meeting the recommended daily intake of vitamin C when it’s not feasible within your diet. Not to mention that other food sources of vitamin C, such as dairy products, may contain high levels of sugar that could contribute to the onset of tooth decay. Inconsistent vitamin C could increase the risk of gingivitis, swollen joints, and scurvy.

There are various trusted formulas and supplements for taking vitamin C. They can vary based on potency, combination with other healthy ingredients, as well as the amount of collagen and bioflavonoids. It’s up to you to decide what benefits of vitamin C you want most and how to maximize it. Regarding finding a healthier smile, vitamin C can help strengthen your gums as well as the ligaments connecting all periodontal tissues. With daily supplementation of vitamin C, you can most certainly see a brighter tomorrow.