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  • Sugar. It makes birthdays and holidays sweeter and is common to most modern households. Despite the fact that research has shown that refined sugars can lead to numerous health problems including diabetes and inflammation, the average American consumes up to 170 pounds of sugar each year. Refined sugars are processed in such a way that vital nutrients and trace minerals are removed; leaving a simple carbohydrate that lacks significant nutritional content. Luckily, a number of natural substitutes exist that may provide relief for your aching sweet tooth while offering the trace minerals, nutrients and health benefits that refined sugars lack. Read More

  • Essential oils have been used for centuries dating back to ancient Egypt and China where they were recognized for their therapeutic properties. Today, essential oils are just as relevant and are especially popular in aromatherapy, the practice of using aromatic combinations to improve health and wellbeing. Read More

  • While scientists and healthcare professionals continue to debate the safety of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers sprayed on conventionally grown produce, the natural products industry has developed a number of washes specifically formulated to clean up fruits and veggies. We wondered if these specialty cleansers were indeed as effective as water when it comes to removing potentially harmful chemicals from produce. Do you really need a fruit and vegetable wash, or are these products simply a marketing ploy intent on enticing you to spend more money on a problem that can be resolved with regular old tap water? Read More

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